welcome back

Welcome back

After a few times, I haven’t written on the blog, now I come back. There’s one year more when I wrote on rushleenomics.blogspot.com.  Why there’s long time? I will not tell the reason why…:p

With this article, I will announce that my old blog (rushleenomics.blogspot.com) is not useful again. The reasons are: first, that blog is to specify on the economic issues-the main subject of my college (undergraduate and postgraduate (master) program).  It can be seen from the title of the blog, right?. Second, I will not make the border my article on specify issues as economics. I am not just economist but I am a writer too.

In my plan, I will fill up the blog with articles that related to my hobby, daily experience, my opinion on economics, political economics, and social studies.

By the way see you soon on my next article. I hope I can give you the value that give you a new perspective in this life…..


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