Who am I?

Who am I?

I am Rusli Abdullah born 29 years ago in Kebumen -a small district that located on the southern coast of Central Java. I spent my childhood until high school in Kebumen. In 2003, after graduating from senior high school, I continued my undergraduate program at Faculty of Economics, Diponegoro University Semarang, major in Economics and Development Studies. Finished my study in 2008, I continued my journey with Suara Merdeka Newspaper as a reporter until September 2009. September 2009 until now, researcher is my job. When doing my job as a researcher at Institute for Economic Research and Social Studies Semarang, I got a scholarship from Ministry of Higher Education; Beasiswa Unggulan BKLN-DIKTI Scholarship. I continued my school at Master of Economics and Development Studies, Faculty of Economics Diponegoro.

Now, I am still at Interess. While I am doing my work, I am looking for another researcher position in another institution that offered more benefit, opportunity to me.

I like writing, travelling, reading, thinking, sketching and sleeping…


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